Web Design, Tech Support and Educational Seminars

RojaTech, LLC

Gastonia, North Carolina

What Can RojaTech Do For You?

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Web Design

We can build a new website or update/revive an old one. Either way, you'll have a great website.

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Tech Support

Need help with your computer or other device? No matter the brand or age, we can help get it back to work for you.

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IT Seminars & Tutorials

We provide education on technology to a variety of groups and individuals. We can help you master your tech!

Serving the Charlotte, NC area

Robert Jansen, RojaTech President

About RojaTech

RojaTech, LLC is committed to providing the Gastonia, NC area with excellent web design, computer repair services and tech seminars. We are a local small business but have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Robert Jansen, President, is an IT professional who is certified by both Apple and CompTIA to support a wide variety of computers, smartphones, tablets and more.

When you partner with RojaTech, you’ll get knowledgeable service from someone who is passionate about helping others with technology. Let’s get started today!

Verifiable Certifications

Click the images above to verify certifications (for CompTIA, use code: 2V4LEZDF9H1EQDKV)

Please note that both these certifications are held by Robert Jansen personally and not by RojaTech, LLC.